Greenpete's World (Combe Martin) on Youtube

Modified on January 25, 2024

Greenpete lives in Combe Martin, growing his own organic foods and living almost entirely off-grid. Greenpete's World is a channel for sustainable living, DIY and organic gardening. Pete is our current featured Combe Martin villager.

He is an ethical vegan, and an advocate for climate change solutions to ease the pressures on the world's most vulnerable places, people and wildlife. To these ends, Pete provides wildlife havens in his gardens, and generates his own supplies of domestic electricity and water.

Pete makes his own fertilisers and compost, growing a wide variety of fruits, salads, vegetables and timber crops. His environmentally sustainable lifestyle involves no chemicals or fossil fuels. 

Pete's Popular YouTube Video on Physalis Peruviana

Golden-berries (Physalis Peruviana) are widely grown in warm climates as a summer annual. Pete grows them as perennials, and his eight-year-old Physalis plants keep coming back every summer, with lovely golden-berries. 

On the Devon coast in southwest England, Combe Martin is a temperate oceanic zone with mild winters. Visit Greenpete's World on Youtube.