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Modified on February 25, 2024

Our Mission Statement

Modified on February 25, 2024

Our mission is to celebrate and promote the rich and diverse heritage of Combe Martin, from its ancient mines and monuments to its social and industrial histories. This website can easily be translated into several languages via Google Translate, or Microsoft Translator. Other tools are available.

Our semi-academic non-profit website, created by unpaid volunteers, is aimed at people who are interested in Combe Martin and North Devon history, and historical texts. We have no reliance on nor any connection or affiliation with any other website, charity or organisation.

About This History and Heritage Project

We are an independent voluntary group. For accuracy, we draw from primary sources, authoritative antiquaries, academics, and folklore. While we strive for accuracy: our articles are not designed to meet stringent academic standards.

Our Goals

The goals of this website include fair terms, and keeping the history and heritage of Combe Martin and the local area alive and accessible.

In addition to the above: we will showcase photo galleries and videos. We offer useful resources such as a main articles list and links to external websites. We include a local area map and local weather. These and many other resources can easily be found on our page footers. 

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone is valued and respected. We believe that embracing diversity—of race, ability, country of origin, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience—enriches our community and enhances the quality of our work.


We use clear large font and plain language as much as possible. Besides including clear and enlargeable pictures, we endeavour to make our articles easy to find.

For non-English-speaking users, this website can be translated into several languages by using Google or Microsoft. Other tools are available.

Contributions Welcome

We aim to include user contributions of historical materials that are relevant to Combe Martin. While we cannot use every contribution: any materials we do use are credited to all contributors, with our thanks, on the website. Contact our Admin for assistance (we do not read or reply to unsolicited business enquiries).

We will consider bloggers wishing to share information and/or materials relevant to Combe Martin's history and heritage. We will provide secure access to a blogging space, subject to our terms and conditions.

For more information and our conditions, go to our Terms of Use.

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