Donated video used in good faith with written permission | Posted by Admin on November 17, 2023 

Watch the Combe Martin Earl of Rone Video 1998

Some may remember the Combe Martin Earl of Rone festival from May 1998, and recognise a few faces.

The featured video was kindly sent to us along with permission to post it here, and we thank the contributor for sharing it.

The video description reads: "We see Combe Martin's "Earl of Rone" procession as it makes its way from The Pack of Cards pub to the sea in May 1998." 



This video of the Earl of Rone festival was made twenty-five years ago! We are most grateful to the donor for this precious historical document. Please share their video and add comments. 

Along with hundreds of videos, the contributor's contact details are on their YouTube profile. 

All rights belong to the film's creator who is also the copyright holder.

You can find out more about the annual "Hunting of the Earl of Rone" ceremony here: